Exclusive Q&A: Marisa on Bold Girlz

Marisa recently wore a super-cute Bold Girlz T-shirt during a Michael and Marisa performance at Collins Middle School in New Jersey. The duo was also recently featured on BoldGirlz.com, which features musicians, celebrities and even real girls who live the Bold Girlz mission: Bold, Original, Loving and Daring. I recently chatted with Marisa about the brand, check it out:

You and Michael are featured on the Bold Girlz website under “original.” What is it about you and Michael as performers that make you original/unique? 
We are brother and sister, less than a year apart and get along like twins. We are opposites, so it’s always fun being around us because you have yin and yang. We write original music, and we want the lyrics to be meaningful. Because we are family, our voices harmonize well. Like how people in the same family have voices that blend well…

What do you like about the Bold Girlz T-shirt that you’re wearing? I love the color, the material, the logo and the vibe. I wear it all the time at gigs and everyday stuff.

What do you like most about the Bold Girlz fashion brand? It’s cool without looking fussy. It’s relaxed and comfortable. Bold Girlz has style and is current-looking, yet really timeless.

Photo by Stefanie Lichtstein.


One Response to “Exclusive Q&A: Marisa on Bold Girlz”

  1. You two are fabulous!!!

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