“The Same” Featured on The Music Minis Blog

Music blog The Music Minis gave a glowing review of Michael and Marisa’s “The Same” music video! A younger version of The Music Mamas blog, The Music Minis features music and videos that their teen and tween kids love.

Says author Mari about the song, “Parents, I’ve got bad news; your kids? Don’t always listen to you. Especially when you’re trying to talk about the tough stuff, like bullying, kids still think parents just don’t understand. You know, just like we did when we were their age? But they do listen to other kids. Sometimes that can be a problem – but sometimes it can be just the right solution. That’s why I love the song The Same from Michael & Marisa’s four-song EP It’s Like That.”

Click here to read The Music Minis’ Michael and Marisa review in full.


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