Michael & Marisa For ‘Teens Against Bullying’

Check out Michael and Marisa featured on the Pacer Center’s Teens Against Bullying website! At Pacer’s T.A.B. site, teens can seek help, learn how to personally take a stand against bullying, check out anti-bullying resources and more. Kids and teens can help others stop bullying.


3 Responses to “Michael & Marisa For ‘Teens Against Bullying’”

  1. Luv ur song The Same

  2. Henry McNulty Says:

    You two are an inspiration for me.
    I’ve been a victim of bullying during my junior high years and Im ashamed to say in recent years I’ve bullied others. I mean, I know high school is always considered a ‘rough’ time, but it shouldn’t be this nasty. I see how timidly my friends and fellow students deal with bullying. You don’t say anything about it unless u want to be one of the outcasts. But after seeing the Bully movie on a recent school trip I felt a need to speak out. But my words won’t be enough I feel. So instead everyone shud just go see Bully. Im sure ur parents will pay the ticket. Say its for a good cause. 😉

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