How Well Do You Know Marisa?

I recently asked Marisa about all her favorite things from books to music to school. Before I tell you what she revealed as her fav things, I want to see how well you all know Marisa! Leave your answers in the comments below!

1. Favorite Movie:

A. Gran Torino

B. Life-Size

C. Toy Story 3

Favorite TV Show:

A. American Idol

B. Modern Family

C. Glee

3. Favorite Actor:

A. Taylor Lautner

B. Nick Jonas

C. Chase Crawford

4. Favorite Actress:

A. Kristen Stewart

B. Selena Gomez

C. Isabelle Fuhrman

5. Favorite Band:

A. The Beatles

B. Paramore

C. Led Zeppelin

6. Favorite Song:

A. Teenage Dream – Katy Perry

B. I Want to Hold Your Hand – The Beatles

C. Forget You – Cee-Lo Green

7. Favorite Color:

A. Purple

B. Pink

C. Yellow

8. Favorite Book:

A. Stargirl

B. Harry Potter

C. Twilight

9. Favorite Candy:

A. Crunch Bar

B. Reese’s

C. Twix

10. Favorite School Subject:

A. English

B. Math

C. Science


7 Responses to “How Well Do You Know Marisa?”

  1. Bella Buccheri Says:

    1.c, 2.c, 3.a, 4.b, 5. A, 6. C, 7. A, 8. B, 9. C, 10. C

  2. Bella Buccheri Says:

    Hi Marisa!!! I just took your quiz….I hope I did well and see you soon!!! 🙂

  3. alexis margios Says:


  4. Pat Lambert Says:

    1-B, 2-B, 3-A, 4-A, 5-A, 6-C, 7-C, 8-C, 9-C, 10-C

  5. Cathy123 Says:

    1.c 2.b 3.a 4.a 5.b 6.c 7.a 8.c 9.c 10.c
    I hope I got them all right!

  6. hey i love you marissa…you look beautiful

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