Waiting 4 U Tour Recap!

Big thanks to all of you who came out to see us on the Cody Simpson/Greyson Chance “Waiting 4 U tour”. It’s awesome seeing familiar faces out in the audience and we loved meeting so many new friends after the shows! What was amazing about this tour is that all of the artists were age 14 and younger. So funny that it takes a crew of 50 adults running around like crazy to make the show happen, but it’s kids coming to see kids perform which is so incredible. The first night was Hampton Beach, NH which is less than an hour from home and we got to catch up with so many fans that we hadn’t seen it a while. Next was Showcase Live at Gillette Stadium which is a gorgeous venue. Very lively sold out crowd! We had to ask them to stop the mosh pits so people wouldn’t get hurt. Next it was Philadelphia or actually Westchester, PA and there was a really cool and tiny open elevator to reach the high stage that moved really slowly and we’d have to hold the button down to make it go. There were girls as far as we could see, also a sold out crowd….Love when the fans sing along to covers and even more when they sing along to our originals!! Have to say that Cody’s band was super nice to us every day, and even let us use their drum kit and pedal board. Thanks so much guys!! You rock!! Wish we could have stayed on the tour longer, but it’s back to reality and school…


4 Responses to “Waiting 4 U Tour Recap!”

  1. i was at showcase live, and u guys were awesome! and dont worry, us massachusetts girls are very loving, we wouldnt hurt anybody 😉

  2. I saw you guys in Hampton ! i love you guys . ❤ (:

  3. and Michael’s a cutie (: and Marisa your AMAZING at drums ! (:

  4. i saw you guys at hampton you guys ROCKED i have your autogragh in a frame next to codys and michel is sooo hot (i can say it without being a creep-o because im his age)

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