Wrap-Up: Our Tour With Greyson Chance

So many fans have been asking us what it is like to be on tour. We were so lucky to be asked by Greyson Chance to tour with him this summer after we had opened for him earlier this year on his tour with Cody Simpson, so we decided to write it all down so you guys could see what it’s really like!

Touring is a wild ride. Our biggest thrill of this past tour was when Greyson told us that when he was told he would have his first headlining tour ever, he told his manager that he wanted “Michael and Marisa” to be his opening act! We were so thrilled and honored to hear that. It was one of the most amazing things anyone has ever said to us. There are many people he could have chosen and he personally chose us. That blew us away!

While touring is exciting, fast moving and fun, things also change by the minute so the most important thing is to be able to adapt to any situation. Our philosophy is that no matter what happens, we go with it and have a great time! For our first show in Pennsylvania, there were a lot of issues with the venue. Because the crowd was under age and the club serves alcohol, the club moved the show outside at the last minute. These shows take maybe 7 hours to set up…the instruments, sound etc. It’s a big job and so the change from inside to outside caused the show to start very late which affected the fans and the performers, but the fans were amazing! I think every single one of them went to our meet and greet after the show. We had a fantastic time getting to say hello in person to each and every one of them.

The next day we had off and we went to Hershey Park in Hershey, PA and had a blast!! We love the roller coasters, the bigger the better! It’s an amazing feeling doing everything we can to give the best show and the best time one day and then just running around Hershey the next day and then back to a show day again….so awesome!! We’ve played in Pennsylvania before and it was so much fun to see fans at the show who we had met at other shows there. One girl is so amazing she made a whole video of us, which must have taken her hours, and we got to see her in person again on this tour after meeting her earlier in the year when we played on the Cody Simpson/Greyson Chance tour.

Another absolutely amazing thing is that no matter where we went people would call out to us or say….”Look, it’s Michael and Marisa”. This happens around our state, but it’s a new and weird feeling when it happens over and over again in say Texas. We were having lunch in Dallas and fans came up to us and asked us if we were Michael and Marisa. Same thing in Houston walking down the street! It’s the weirdest feeling… Another crazy thing was when we were in Houston riding down the street with friends in a Horse and Buggy, fans from the show stopped the buggy for hugs and photos. They were so nice and it was so much fun hearing what they had to say about our show they had seen earlier that night!

The routine of being on tour is pretty much the same every day. There are travel days and show days and it’s easiest when the travel day and the show day are not the same day, but sometimes they are….The nights go pretty late so the best thing is to sleep as late as possible on non-travel days so it’s lunch time by the time we are up and ready….load in (when we bring the instruments to the venue) and sound check can be as early as say 3pm. Before then we do vocal warm-ups and make sure to drink lots of water all day. We also check Twitter and Facebook and respond to posts as often as we can. Sometimes we have phone interviews during the day with press people. After sound check we go back and get dressed and return to the venue at about 5pm. We may have a snack then or we may stick it out until around 11pm, which makes a late dinner! A big lunch is always the best thing to do because we get really hungry by dinner, but after the show we always stay and meet every single fan who comes to our meet and greet and we always answer all their questions and stay for photos.

Touring can also be great when you’re working on new music and want the fans to hear it! This past summer we wrote and recorded two new songs with Stokes Nielson at EMI Publishing in Nashville. We performed one of our new songs “That’s How We Do It” for the first time in Houston. The crowd was rockin’ and loved the song! We are so excited about releasing it in about a month! It’s about how we do it in Boston, but it can really apply to people in any city. We’re thinking crowds will really get into singing along with that one.

Stokes had a great idea that he wanted to have the Dallas and Houston shows videotaped to incorporate with other footage and turn it into a music video of our new song “That’s How We Do It”. Stokes arrived in Houston with two cameramen and lots of very cool ideas for shooting. He directed his guys to video us hanging before sound check, at sound check, choosing what to wear, getting ready for the show, doing the show etc. It added another big dimension to those dates making the video. Having Stokes there with us was really amazing and we can’t wait for you guys to see the video!

Just like anything good, the tour has to come to an end, but we play shows all through the year. We hope to have the opportunity to be on a tour opening for a teen icon again before too long. We have to say, Greyson’s band members were so good to us, as was Greyson! As seasoned musicians they gave us a lot of advice and shared things they’d learned over the years. Greyson is the same age we are, but the band members are musicians who have been touring at that level for 10 or 15 years or more. We feel really good when these great musicians take the time to give us their ideas. It was Greyson’s birthday on the tour and he turned 14 so it was fun celebrating that. Since we are 13 and 14 we can really relate.


7 Responses to “Wrap-Up: Our Tour With Greyson Chance”

  1. OMG. I was at the houston show! Im in the picture from the buggy ! you guys are awesome ! i had met yall earlier that night , and yall said you liked my name (Soryn) and michael said he liked my pink feather !!

  2. I’m soo glad I got to meet you guys at the Pittsburgh show ❤ Hope you're having a great tour!

  3. hi michael and marisa and greyson chance how are you i love you and yor songs

  4. Met you and greyson at the Chameleon! So much fun! You guys dd great! 🙂

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